The Walking Dead is Coming to an End and I Have Mixed Feelings

On November 20, 2022, a TV giant will end its run. The Walking Dead, AMC's biggest hit, will air its final episode for a series that has run for 11 seasons, giving viewers 177 episodes. Beginning on Halloween night of 2010, this show has been a part of American television for 12 years, offering viewers excitement and frustration. Now that it is ending, I admit to having mixed feelings.

When I first saw the previews for TWD, I was excited beyond belief. I didn't know it was a comic series, so I didn't have that background knowledge. What I did have, though, was a fascination with this:

As I watched the first season, I was hooked! My biggest complaint about that season was it consisted of only six episodes. I was wide-eyed. Then Season 2 came. It was worse for me because the action was considerably slower. However, I still watched it and tried to get my wife to watch it with me. She wanted no part of it. Perhaps it's because I showed her this scene to entice her:

It was around Season 5 that she finally came around. She had watched it by herself and had gotten caught up. She was a fan, so much so that we hosted a TWD Season Premiere party for Season 6, complete with a Walker made of BBQ ribs and other goodies! From that point, we watched it until the mid-season break of Season 9 when Alpha set the heads on spikes to mark the border. We didn't pick it up until this summer when we decided to watch Seasons 1-10 on Netflix.

Now, the Walking Dead has begun the final third of the final season and is coming to an end in 40 days. I haven't watched Season 11, so I won't be a part of the numbers for the final episode. That moment will have to come later, probably sometime next year when Netflix gets the last season.

The Walking Dead was supposed to be Rick's story, even Carl's, but to me, it became Daryl's story. I understand it is incredibly hard to adapt a story from a book to a series. In the literature, the author can slow down the aging process, whereas, in television, time keeps marching. TV has to be adaptable, but the series took too many twists and turns that took it from a series of great potential and excitement to one I found to be a primetime soap set in an apocalypse.

This doesn't mean I haven't enjoyed it. It just means it became mind candy instead of a show I cherish, such as The X-Files or Breaking Bad. This is why on one hand, I'll miss The Walking Dead, but on the other hand, I'm glad to see it come to an end.


Feel free to share your thoughts on The Walking Dead. The final episode airs on November 20, 2022, on AMC.

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