Rage on the Rage: What is it?

Updated: Aug 9

"Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life."

- Bill Cunningham

All I can say to that is, "fucking L-O-L!"

There is an industry that exists that almost everyone on the planet has heard of called the Fashion Industry. Of all the industries on Earth, one would be hard-pressed to find one more ridiculous and self-absorbed, even the television and movie industry, and we know how full of shit actors are.

While most everyone on Earth uses fashion to the extent of wearing clothes, the ones truly into style are something else. Perhaps you have heard of the term "the rage?" It simply means whatever the item is, it's trendy and is talked about frequently.

But what if the rage is stupid? Check that - what if "the rage" is utterly FUCKING stupid!

This is what Rage on the Rage is about. It's about "raging" or making fun of the fashion industry. Beginning with the Back to School 2022 fashion season later this summer, RotR aims to provide quarterly fashion reviews. It could be about upcoming trends, concerning specific models, or critiquing the industry as a whole. In some cases, the reviews may be nice. There will also be the occasional "Rate My Style" articles where friends of Shawn X will volunteer to have an "expert" critique on their personal style.

Whatever happens, we hope you enjoy the articles. RotR articles were the most popular content most famous on our former site. With good fortune, I hope this carries forward on Shawn X.

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