November is for Photography

This upcoming weekend I am meeting up with a small group of fellows with whom I am in a group for our inaugural Texas StrenFest (or Festival of Strenuosity.) We have several scheduled activities for the getaway, but one thing I will be doing as a sole endeavor is practicing my photography. It's been more than a minute since I cracked out my camera, but this trip offers me to get plenty of practice. After all, something fun begins in a few weeks.

November is for Photography!

I am under no illusions that I am Ansel Adams, Dorthea Lange, or Richard Avedon. I'm just a guy with a Nikon with no training or experience, but I enjoy taking a camera into the wild to see what he can capture.

Since 2015, I often take my camera with me on trips and spend a day just walking and taking pictures. Here are a few examples of what I have captured (non-edited):

As I said, I am no professional. I wouldn't even rate myself as a novice. What I do want is to get better. To do that, I am doing a challenge with a group of friends to do a photo a day in November. After reviewing several "30-Day Photo Challenges", this is what November brings:

November 1 - Autumn

November 2 - Favorite color

November 3 - Water

November 4 - Texture

November 5 - Fauna (animal)

November 6 - Flora (plant)

November 7 - Contents of bag/backpack/purse

November 8 - Moon

November 9 - Something small

November 10 - Something large

November 11 - Military/Patriotic

November 12 - Fire

November 13 - Sunrise/Sunset

November 14 - Traffic

November 15 - Vintage/Antique

November 16 - Heirloom

November 17 - Hobby/Project

November 18 - Inside looking out

November 19 - Cooked Meal

November 20 - Bottle

November 21 - Stranger

November 22 - Black & White

November 23 - Something red

November 24 - Family

November 25 - The ground

November 26 - The sky

November 27 - Architecture

November 28 - Coffee/Tea

November 29 - Shoes

November 30 - A favorite scent

This collection, along with all future collections, will be found at


If you have a favorite photo that you have taken, please feel free to share it with us!

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