Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Please Shut Up

There is that one person that we all know. He or she is generally intelligent, but when it comes to enjoying life, they cannot help themselves from completely ruining the fun. They are The Ruiner of Things.

We all know that most celebrities are blowhards, and part of the reason they are is the demand to stay relevant. We typically roll our eyes at their nonsense and carry on with our lives. However, when someone could provide a positive influence on the world, these are the people that really agitate us. These people we should listen to, we just want them to shut up. I cannot think of anyone better suited to be the dictionary image than Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

This dude is notorious for being outspoken to the degree that people hate it when he comments on anything. He is a living example of the saying, "for a smart person, you sure are an idiot." More than that, he is a walking, talking buzzkill.

We watch movies for entertainment. We suspend reality when we watch these movies because we understand that to get maximum effect for a scene, the filmmakers need to exaggerate, especially in matters of science.

This is where Tyson opens his mouth, or should I say tweets his ruination.

Look at this tweet:

Dude, this isn't a documentary on fighter pilots and the aircraft they fly; it's an action flick that is meant to entertain those who enjoy military-themed movies. Tyson, the scientist who loves to hear himself talk, found it necessary months later to tweet his scientific analysis on the movie's opening moments, where Maverick flies and ultimately destroys an experimental jet, which he survives relatively unscathed (albeit thirsty.)

Thankfully, Twitter mocked Tyson for his "hot take" on Maverick's ejection. Responses ranged from test jet safety pods to COVID jab jokes, to people reminding him it's a movie, and my favorite one of all:

Neil, please shut up!

bUt HiS bOdY WoUlD sPlAtTeR LiKe a WoRm!

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