March 30: Sugar Shawn's Sucky Spotify Song List for Musically March 2022

March 30, 2022 - "Graveyard Chill" by Positively Dark

Spotify -

Electronic Music 2021 "Graveyard Chill" by Positively Dark. The new chill out music is by Positively Dark and it was inspired by it being October 2021 and a love for Halloween.

In my continued quest for new genres of music, I came across one that was as awesome as it was unexpected. It happened to combine two of my greatest loves - electronic music and Halloween, the greatest holiday ever! What is this new genre I speak of? Properly named, it is called New Age which combines aspects of ambient, world, progressive rock, and psychedelic rock. The gift this genre gave me was "Graveyard Chill" by Positively Dark.

I'm not one for predictions, especially in the music industry but my hope is this could turn into a New Age sub-genre called graveyard chill or graveyard ambient. Whatever happens, this song is the kick-off song for my new ShawnX: Halloween playlist (to be released on October 1, 2022.)

So kick back with the spooks and specters and chill among the headstones to some "Graveyard Chill."

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