March 28: Sugar Shawn's Sucky Spotify Song List for Musically March 2022

March 28, 2022 - "Big Blue Swing" by Tape 5

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Big Blue Swing · Tape Five

Big Blue Swing ℗ 2021 Smarty-Mart-Records

Good morning! It's a #slappingmonday after last night's antics at the Oscars. I am 100% convinced this "incident" was completely staged to generate some buzz for a show that is floundering in ratings (I won't go into the reasons why.) Ironically, it timed up perfectly with today's song, a real slapper in "Big Blue Swing" by Tape Five.

I mentioned earlier in the month that Electroswing was a genre that I really enjoy due to the combination of my love for big band swing music and electronic music. While I presented a Parov Stela offering earlier this month and discussed how his style was heavier to the electronic side, Tape Five shows a sound heavier titled to the swing side. This right here is the kind of song that makes me want to take swing dance classes, get comfortable moving, and then find myself a vintage WWII Army Air Corps uniform and take the Missus dancing. That's right! Swing dance my ass off!

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