March 23: Sugar Shawn's Sucky Spotify Song List for Musically March 2022

March 23, 2022 - "Everything's Gone Green" by New Order

Spotify -

Song: Hot Blooded

Artist: New Constellations

Album: Hot Blooded

Licensed to YouTube by: Amuseio AB (on behalf of New Constellations)

I like to think that most of us enjoy music. To the extent music impacts us on a personal level, that varies significantly. There are some of us that filter music to mostly ambient background white noise. Others use it as a mechanism to help concentrate. Some people love music so much it's their passion to talk in-depth about it. A few truly gifted ones make music and deliver it to our various degrees of enjoyment. As for myself, it's the great variable in my life because of how I associate music differently based on my perception of the overall sound.

If you saw the song title "Hot Blooded" and immediately thought of Foreigner, I figure you have a love or at least a knowledge of 1980s rock. However, this isn't your throwback song. Instead, this "Hot Blooded" by New Constellations is something that takes me to a specific place. Where is that place? It's here:

This song just sings open-air road trip to me! There is something about the ambient synthesizer, the soft voice of Harlee Case, the steady beat, the bassline, everything that makes me think of driving with no particular destination and enjoying the beauty of our world.

Maybe it's because it's March and the weather has been so nice the majority of the past couple of weeks. Perhaps I am waxing nostalgic when gasoline wasn't so high. It could be that I am watching the end of my son's time in high school and I can't help but think of what I was doing at this same time my Senior year. Whatever it is, "Hot Blooded" is the bonding variable that makes me want to jump in the car, roll down all the windows, and just go.

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