March 7: Sugar Shawn's Sucky Spotify Song List for Musically March 2022

Updated: Mar 8

March 7, 2022 - "Slightly Hungover" by Blue Delight

Spotify -

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There are times in my life when I need to slow way down because the pace of it can quickly overwhelm me. In those moments, I like to kick back in my chair or outside with the firepit, Scotch in hand, and throw on the blues.

While "Slightly Hungover" talks about being hung up on a woman, for me the song represents being hungover from the chaotic times of life. That is especially true right now as I am preparing to graduate my teenager from high school in about three months' time. With everything that happens, it can be overwhelming but I make sure to take a moment for myself and contemplate life and its infinite meanings.

Plus, now that I am a full gray-haired man, whiskey blues is in my wheel house.

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