Musically March

Updated: Mar 14

At the end of 2021, I was doing what is referred to as a Life Blueprint. It's similar to a list of resolutions but has real meaning and purpose to it. As I was going through the blueprint, I considered what I wanted to do with my social media, especially since social media is so toxic for many people. In that evaluation process, I decided to use mine for fun. And for March, the fun wheel spun to music.

Similarly to SciFi September, each day in March I will post a favorite song with a small write-up about it. After publication, the song will be shared with the respective social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.) Furthermore, each song will be added to a Spotify playlist that will be made available at the end of March.

As you may guess, the list will be eclectic in nature but barely scratches the surface of what I enjoy. If you enjoy the song, please feel free to add it to your rotation and of course, please leave a comment.

Musically March will begin shortly!

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