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Hello! It's September 1, the first day of Autumn as far as I am concerned. It is also the first day of Shawn X's SciFi September! 2022 is the second year of SciFi September, but you may be wondering what it is.

Shawn X has a great friend in Mr. Pat, owner of Mr. Pat's 31 Days of Halloween. Mr. Pat has been reviewing Halloween and horror movies each day in October for over a decade. Being a great friend, he inspired Shawn X to do something similar, only the focus being on science fiction movies, shorts, etc. Last year, Shawn X's SciFi September was created to serve as a bit of a lead into Mr. Pat's 31 Days of Halloween but more to share Shawn X's love for science fiction.

Last year, SciFi September was a random assortment of movies, short movies, and even mini-series. This year, SciFi September has a theme. That theme is Love Death + Robots. Each review this September will be an LDR episode. Since today is the first day of cooler weather, I decided to start with "Ice Age," based on the story "Ice Age" in the book Tales of Old Earth by Michael Swanwick.


"Ice Age"

Love Death + Robots: Season 1, Episode 16

Available on Netflix

"Ice Age" opens with a now independent Eric Forman (the character's name is Rob, played by Topher Grace) and Gail (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) moving into a new apartment. Gail is ready to crack open a bottle of red to celebrate the move. Rob, the smooth and classy guy, breaks his fixation on the old-timey refrigerator/freezer to get some ice for his wine glass. The freezer door is heavily encased with ice when he opens it, but he manages to break off a piece and put it in his wine glass. #Sophisticated

They sit down and toast to all the sex...all the good times they will have in their new place. While enjoying the wine, Rob notices a spec frozen inside the ice. Gail retrieves a magnifying glass where they discover the spec is a wooly mammoth! The mammoth is speared by neolithic era spears and has been partially harvested for meat and fur; As you may imagine, they are pretty stunned.

Now curious, they open the freezer and clear the obstructing overflow of ice to discover a Middle Ages society being constructed. From their perspective, everything is rushing, like watching a movie being past-forwarded at 100 times speed. They step away for about 10 minutes to have a funeral for the mammoth, which they bury in a flower pot. When they return, they see this secret society is now in the midst of the Industrial Revolution. It is at that point we see Rob and Grace from the perspective of the people inside this lost civilization inside the freezer, where we have the funniest line of the show:

"Look at these two douchebags staring at us all day..."

Pretty much what we would expect two construction workers on a skyscraper in New York City, Chicago, or an old-fashioned freezer!

Side note: Want to guess what corporation may have been a sponsor to this episode of Love Death + Robots? Here is a possibility:

Right after this is when the city is nuked. Maybe the producers actually hate Starbucks?

As time passes, civilization advances to an era recognizable by us when a nuclear missile hits the city out of nowhere. Rob's face is scorched during this attack, similar to a bad sunburn, exposure to Chernobyl, or when a Suburban dad uses too much lighter fluid on the grill and strikes the match. It's pretty funny, but it also makes Rob and Gail ponder not only the fate of the freezer society but theirs as well.

When they come back, to their relief and amazement, society has not only recovered, but it has advanced to a technological superiority beyond our comprehension. Filled with vivid lights and ethereal music, this final stage of society advances then momentarily leaves the confines of the freezer before returning through what appears to be a wormhole, then disappears, leaving the freezer devoid of any trace of the civilization. Saddened by this development, Rob wonders if they will ever come back, to which Gail expresses that she doesn't believe they will. They close the door to the freezer as they close the day.

The following day, Rob and Gail happily discover the freezer society has reset!

Warp 8 on the SciFi drive!


The Story Behind "Ice Age"

Tales of the Old Earth by Michael Swanwick

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