I Evaluated My Strenuosity. I Have a Lot of Work to Do!

If you read my article from last Friday, "It's Time to Evaluate My Strenuosity," I spent the weekend dispersed camping with my region of The Strenuous Life. While the event was a group outing of fellowship and skill-building, it also was an evaluation of self to determine how wide or narrow the gap is between the image of self I project mentally against the reality of self that I am currently in.

That chasm is vast.

While the initial focus was on physical fitness, I learned equally valuable lessons regarding planning, preparedness, and strategic thinking. I went into the weekend knowing that my fitness level wasn't that great, but it turned out it was far worse than I expected. I quickly identified these causes in the first two hours of the trip. My lack of regular training and my typical American diet has set me back. The good news is this is easily correctable in theory, but the reality is there is one thing that makes it happen that I have struggled with - commitment.

Another thing I learned was how poorly I planned for the trip. I have known about this trip for months. What did I do? I packed and loaded up the morning of. What did that result in? I overpacked items I didn't need, left out things that would have been useful, and didn't pack in a manner that allowed me to take everything on a single trip. This poor planning was entirely driven by one terrible habit - procrastination.

At camp, I learned that my gear needed significant upgrades. Some of the items I had were fantastic, especially my new hammock. I have never camped where I slept in a hammock, and I have to say that was a really cool experience. However, some things were either useless, not to the standards of the expedition, or lacking. It made evident that another area of my life needs a look at - preparation.

You might think I had a miserable time based on what you have read. On the contrary, I had a really good time. I had a good time, save for the initial trek to the site where I thought my heart would explode and a migraine the next morning. However, I would have liked to have been more involved in the activities, but I realized something was holding me back - confidence.

There it is: Commitment, procrastination, preparation, and confidence. Those four things are responsible for the rift between where I want to be and where I am; the good thing is they are easily correctable. By stopping procrastination and making real commitments, preparation will increase, leading to renewed confidence. As those change, who I am will align with who I want to be.

I encourage all readers to do something similar. It doesn't have to be a weekend camping trip but do something that will test your current life to see if you are where you want to be. If you are there, that is amazing! If you are like me and the perception is not reality, I challenge you to identify what needs to change, plan for the change with goals, and then commit to making those changes.

In a year, there will be another Texas StrenFest, and I intend to be a different participant then.

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