Demolition Man

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

There is a conflict between the Left and the Right for the nation's soul in America today. Hollywood produces many movies and shows that those on the Left feel that our society would turn into if the Right were put in charge. Examples such as "The Handmaiden's Tale" evoke fears in the Left that the nation would be if run by the Right. The suppression of body autonomy, the institution of theological authority, the excessive use of weapons. It's complete nonsense, but the Left loves to fearmonger in their collective misery.

However, what would a world look like run by the Left? What if instead of their obsession with suicidal positions like defunding the police and throwing money at everything, they positioned themselves to make a peaceful, crime-free society? All the American vices are put away, made illegal with a Leftist morality code?

What we'd get would be Left "elitists" parading around wearing stupid clothing and eating stupid food. They would force those deemed undesirable underground until they could develop their Final Solution. Does this sound familiar? It should - the Nazis did this same thing in the 1930s and 1940s.

What happens, though, when an American Hero shows society that they are wrong? When a Leftist pussy in robes and ice cream man hat sells the population on utopia but in reality delivers a dystopia, what do you do? Easy! You wreck that society by following the lead of...


Demolition Man (1993)

Directed by: Marco Brambilla

Written by: Daniel Waters, Robert Reneau, Peter M. Lenkov (screenplay); Peter M. Lenkov, Robert Reneau (story)

Music by: Elliot Goldenthal

Stars: Sylvester Stallone, Wesley Snipes, Sandra Bullock, Nigel Hawthorne, Benjamin Bratt, Denis Leary, Bob Gunton, Glenn Shadix, Zachery Lamb, Troy Evans, Rob Schneider

Watch on: HBO Max

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Good versus evil. This battle is as old as time itself. It's a battle that Demolition Man explores in great depth, whether it is "man vs. man" and "society versus society."

On the surface, good versus evil is played out between a rogue cop named John Spartan and a criminal named Simon Phoenix. Their battlefield is the ghetto of 1996 Los Angeles. Through the battle, Simon Phoenix is captured and sentenced to cryo-prison. However, John Spartan is charged with the deaths of the hostages that Phoenix actually killed and sentenced to cryo-prison.

In 2032, Phoenix is thawed for a parole hearing. He has been "leveled up" through the rehabilitation program that sends suggestive thoughts while in cryostasis. Phoenix has been implanted with different suggestions instead of standard rehabilitative tips, such as Spartan's desire to knit. He learns martial arts and has expertise in weapons. Later, we understand he also has an additional sinister command that reveals itself later. In San Angeles, run by a man named Dr. Cocteau and his assistant Associate Bob, things we take for granted today, such as sports, alcohol, swearing, eating meat, and sex, have been declared illegal. With the police force ill-equipped for a real threat, Simon Phoenix runs wild. He proceeds to kill the warden and several guards as he escapes, only to find that the world has gone soft with almost no crime to speak of.

San Angeles is great! Hi-Almost-5!

In a desperate attempt to help the police force that cannot cope with this new menace, John Spartan is thawed and partnered with Lt. Huxley. While hunting Phoenix, we get a deeper dive into this new "utopia." Cussing generates automated fines for violations of the morality code. The average citizen wears attire that would send Rage on the Rage off the cliff. The biological function of taking a shit means you use three seashells instead of toilet paper. Want to go to a nice dinner? Well, every restaurant is Taco Bell with a lounge lizard! Worst of all, cybersex has become the ONLY sex!

Noticing a small group of people spraying graffiti and robbing a food truck, Spartan, Huxley, and Officer Garcia enter the sewer system. They find a thriving community underground. The community's leader is a man called Edgar Friendly, which is modeled on freedom of choice. It stands in complete contrast to the sterile world above, all the way down to the rat burgers.

In the sewers, Spartan and Phoenix face off. When trying to kill Cocteau, Phoenix is physically unable to. Part of Phoenix's rehabilitation is to kill Friendly and to do whatever Cocteau tells him.

Simon says "Die!"

As expected, the Demolition Man and Phoenix blow the shit out of the sewer system and later resume their battle above ground. Before the final fight to the death, Simon Phoenix has one of his fellow inmates kill Cocteau, freeing him from all restraints. He determines that he and his gang will rule San Angeles, but Spartan confronts him. Their battle carries over back to the prison, where Spartan uses a cryotube to freeze Phoenix outside of the container. Spartan then kills Phoenix when he smashes the frozen Phoenix into thousands of ice cubes.

Society having been saved from Phoenix, the underground comes to the surface where they agree they'll figure things out. While Friendly does the typical Denis Leary rant, Spartan takes Huxley out for some extreme old-fashioned sex!


Demolition Man is a movie ahead of its time. It envisions a world presented as a crime-free utopia but is actually a Leftist Fascist state controlled by progressives. Everything that is often used to describe conservative people in the US is outlawed. This fractures society in two: The "Eloi" liberals living above ground, prancing away in their silly clothing, eating vegan diets, and technology-obsessed, and the "Morlock" freedom lovers underground, living away from the oppression of the "supreme leader" of society.

While the story doesn't end the same way as The Time Machine (the Morlocks eating the Eloi until eventually, they all die off before the world's end), it shares the same cautions. A world run by a single ideology is bad for society, especially if freedoms are stripped in the name of security. It's a major problem happening in America today.

2032 is 11 years away. It's time to make a decision: Either we get back to accepting that we need one another, or we can rip ourselves apart until we have two cultures.

If you think I'm going to accept a society like Cocteau's San Angeles, you can take those three seashells and shove them up your ass!

Warp 9 on the SciFi drive!


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