Dear Readers of Shawn X

Dear Readers of Shawn X:

When I first created this site, I did so with two goals.

The first goal was to start building a portfolio of writing. I need all the practice I can get, so a website to publish my writing to and share has appealed to me for some time. However, the evolution of this goal has created more starts and stops than I can count, mirroring other aspects of my life. What started as Overlapping Voices in the Churning Nebula of My Eclectic Consciousness underwent several new ideas and redesigns. It even included a brand new website build and a change in domain. Eventually, it evolved into Shawn X, which has changed as well. I wanted to mix articles with stories, but as I have grown as a writer, these pieces need to be separated from one another. The purpose of Shawn X needs to change.

The second goal was to bring an excellent experience to you and, hopefully, in time, other readers. I look at websites like Art of Manliness, Coffee or Die Magazine, Free Range American, Primer, and others. I believe that in time, I could create enough enticement on Shawn X to eventually be considered by new readers looking for a variety site to give them some entertainment. However, I have failed to deliver on that commitment. I have created many articles but failed to write or publish them. Instead, I have allowed distractions, procrastination being the biggest, to redirect my attention elsewhere. Therefore, I have failed you.

Not anymore.

My goal now is to present you Shawn X, a variety website to publish articles of my views, experiences, and opinions on the things in life that interest me. Expect a lot of content on lifestyle, military and Veterans, outdoor adventure, books, photography, and special features such as science fiction, music, and making fun of fashion. While it will be geared toward men and fathers, it is open to all readers. There will also be a supporting YouTube channel and podcast in time. Personal writing, specifically fiction stories and nonfiction essays, will be kept separate from Shawn X.

My commitment to you as a reader is to offer you new content that is to be expected from an active website. Effective October 10, 2022, Shawn X will deliver the following:

  • A minimum of three lifestyle articles a week, called "Voices." By January 2, 2023, Shawn X aims to produce an article per business day, excluding holidays.

  • One "Featured Voice" article per week. Featured Voices are part of Voices but carry special significance related to a topic, such as an article about a holiday.

  • Committed updates to Anthenaem and Special Features

  • Once launched, a weekly video posted to Shawn X YouTube

  • Once launched, a weekly episode of Whiskey & Wafers podcast.

Hold Shawn X accountable for our commitment to its readers. If you catch the site slacking, please email and demand answers to why we are not publishing the content we promised. By earning your trust and enjoying the content produced, I hope you will share it with people you know.

Thank you. I appreciate you all.


Shawn X

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