Planet and Moon


A firm believer in "variety is the spice of life" and avid proponent of having an open mind and heart to people and experiences, Shawn X writes articles that cover a variety of personal interests for everyday living in the world.

Over the years, I have had the good fortune to see many places and experience many things the world offers.  These moments in my life allowed me to be exposed to many ideas, beliefs, realities, and abstract philosophies worldwide.  As a result, they pieced themselves into the eclectic interests I hold dear in my life.

Typical of a true Renaissance man, I am knowledgable and well-versed in many things, but I am a master of none.  Where most people have a few interests, I have many.  An overly proud Libra, I am a student of life on a never-ending quest for knowledge equally balanced through learning and experience.

In this section, I will share my beliefs, ideals, observations, and pragmatic reconciliations of the world around me. 


I will talk about family and friends.  I will regale you with tales from the military.  I will share my nostalgic memories of life when I was younger.  I will speak about science, especially geography and geology.  I will share my beliefs and ideologies about philosophy, politics, and spirituality.  I will offer recipes and reviews for great coffee, food, and spirits.  I will talk about a great many other things about our world, our lives, and our time here.

I will open the world through my eyes and give you an insight into who I am.  I hope you enjoy it.